What would you do with $50 at sephora.com right now?

I’ve been on a mini no buy the past few weeks, waiting until I decided to buy some of the Spring 2012 collection.  

I have $50 to spend (online- I don’t have a car/time to go anywhere right now.) so I’m looking up stuff and doing my crazy budget stuff.

I’m highly considering getting the Kat Von D palette.  (sephora.com)

What do you guys think, if anything?  Should I get it?  Anything else you think I should get besides/with it?

3 notes

3 notes
  1. therothstanator answered: I def. want the new KVD palette! Also maybe their prisma chrome shadow in emerald facet or 1 of their moonbaked shadow palettes
  2. naked-lunchlove answered: naked 2
  3. subarbiea answered: I love Benefit’s skin care line.. so worth the money.
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