Melissaphora Sample Exclusive Giveaway- Breakdown.

This is a breakdown of all of the items in the Melissaphora Sample Exclusive Giveaway.  You can read about and enter that here.  

There are 30 total samples, including deluxe and regular.  All are brand new.  They vary from face, hair, eye, fragrance, etc.  I am doing a breakdown of them here for everyone to get a better feel for what is in the giveaway.  If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to send me an ask and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


I received this with my purchase of a lipstick from theBalm.  It seems like a nice sample if used properly, so I figured I’d share it with someone that would do so.


This even comes with a one time use applicator, it’s a cute sample.


A clinique powder sample.


A hair thickening cream sample from Living Proof.


This looks like a nice hair masque sample.  :)


I have never personally tried these but the samples look interesting and definitely worth a try to see if it does as it claims.


A sephora foundation sample.


This has a generous amount for a sample.


I’ve been hanging onto this for a bit, but decided I’d give it to someone that would use it instead of thinking about using it.  Lol.  :)


Eye creams are always nice!


This is a face wax strip from Bliss Poetic.  It is actually two strips.  You rub them between your hands and warm them for about 30 seconds, pull apart, place on, rub onto skin, pull taut, and rip off in opposite direction of hair growth.  They do work if used correctly.  More info can be found here and you can ask me as well, I have the face and body strips.


These are always nice samples, in cute packaging.


This is a 3 part sample of shaving, pre, shave, and after.  It is “for men” so you can do as you please with it, I of course have used for myself the “for men” shaving samples I’ve received.


This is a deluxe sample of sephora mascara.


This is a one time use of Stila eye shadows to create a “classic smokey eye”.


Here are 7 fragrance samples.  


And the remaining eight.

If you’d like closer pictures or info on the fragrance samples (or any other) let me know.

I am also including this fragrance card with it since I am including so many fragrances.


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